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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Western Project "The First Six Years" Nov 7-Dec 30, 2009

Here's your opportunity to view 32 artists that have exhibited at Western Project for the first six years of exhibition history. There is a harmonius interaction between the works in the main room of the gallery followed by a salon style motif in the inventory room.  The artists range from abstract expressionists-Oliver Arms and Michael Reafsnyder, mixed-media artists/allegorical artists-Aaron Sheppard, Wayne White, photo-realists-graphite, conte crayon,-Vincent Valdez, Tom of Finland, Patrick Lee, pattern and narrative painters-Carole Caroompas, Sush Machida Gaikotsu, Video- Ellina Kevorkian, photography (digital+)-Arne Svenson, and Ron Athey.  There are more works of various techniques and styles.  (Heimir Bjorgulfsson, Eric Freeman, Daniel Brice, Tanya Batura, Yek, Bob Mizer, Nancy Riegelman, Jason Adkins, Michael Dee, Exene Cervenka, Thomas Burke, Eve Wood, Cole Case, Martin Gunsauilus, Mark Dean Veca, Kris Chatterson, Joe Schmelzer, Chad Robertson, Justin Dahlberg, Dion Johnson (3830 Main St. Culver City, CA (more images on my Facebook page, Artslant review under Western Project)

Carole Caroompas, Aaron Sheppard, Jason Adkins, Sandra Vista in front of Carole's "Before and After Frankenstein...1994"

Deadly Stylish-Pals

Carole Caroompas, Sandra Vista, Paul Guillemette under "9 Lives Installation" and in front of
"Hindsight is 20 Tins"

Pals @ Deadly Stylish Nov. 1 @ Self Help Graphics

Carol Caroompas, Carlos Vargas, June Diamond, Sandra Vista

9 Lives-An Offering at Self Help Graphics Deadly Stylish thru Nov. 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Women of Juarez Posts and photos

Some images from opening night...

Women of Juarez-Leyla previous LA neighbor

Women of Juarez Installation 5

Women of Juarez Installation 4

Women of Juarez Installation shot 2

Women of Juarez Installation shot

Women of Juarez

Yvonne Bejarano Stanford professor and Sandra at exhibition

Women of Juarez

Hemmant & Sandra at exhibition

Women of Juarez Exhibition Opening Oct 16, 2009 Chicago

My first trip to Chicago...a new window! The Ntl. Museum of Mexican Art is located in a familar neighborhood...looked like a cross between Echo Park, Boyle Heights, Silverlake, Highland Park...I was able to use my Spanish to get directions to the museum. Congenial artists and their families.

The curator Dolores Mercado was welcoming. Also, Diane Gamboa's friend from Stanford, Yvonne Bejarano was at the show. (The world is a small place).

My previous neighbors in LA, Hemmant, Lana, and Leyla took care of me on opening night. Picked me up at my hotel and introduced me to Chicago's "Chinatown". Hemmant new his way around a Tawianeese menu. brother Bob Ramirez was in town from Tucson on business and he saw the show on Sunday...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jayme Odgers "Figurations" Watercolors

opening: Oct 17, 2009/ 6-10 pm (Saturday)

Lawrence Asher Gallery

5820 Wilshire Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90036


Women of Juarez-Rastros Y Cronicas

National Museum of Mexican Art Exhibit

Opening: Friday October 16-Feb 14, 2010

Dedicated to the Women of Juarez

Yours truly exhibiting two pieces: Yvette (2009) beaded Gourd, acrylic, gel med

Juarez (2002) altoid tin, beads, pins, gel med/acrylic

My first time in Chicago!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lisa Adams and Bob Poe

Lisa Adams curated the photographs for Bob Poe's Exhibition

Bob Poe "Illumination"

Bob Poe Gallery

Opening Reception October 10, 2009

Bergamont Station

2525 Michigan Ave #G8A

Santa Monica, CA 90404

Bob Poe's exhibition of iPhone photographs that have been enlarged and transfered on canvas.

(check out my review of Bob's show on artslant reviews-Los Angeles

Lisa Adams curator of Bob's photographs/Ali Sivak(Creative Partners West/ 323-936-1447)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Apex Electronic picture #5

This is me photographed by Baby Smith at Apex's junkyard...curating this upcoming exhibit is a artistic and personal blast!

Apex Electronics picture 4

Apex among other things is an airplane junkyard...appropriate for our future exhibit at Santa Monica Art Studios-Arena I, which was an airplane hangar.

Apex Electronics Field Trip #3 (picture 3)

Baby Smith and Vincent Ramos at the end of the field trip with their finds. Vincent was able to gravitate to his methodical maddness and found an old speaker from the 1940's, a satchel for the "letters of transit" and a period catalogue.

Apex Electronics Pics 2

Baby Smith and Paul Guillemette in the junkyard soup 9-26-09

Apex Electronic "Look What I Found" Artists' field Trip

This was our #3 field trip for our upcoming exhibition at Arena I -Santa Monica Art Studios (Spring 2010). Six of the artists went to Apex Electronics in Sunland CA on Saturday 9-26-09. Baby Smith hosted the caravan at her home in La Crescenta. (The recent fires are obvious on the mountains by Baby's house. She was evacuated for 3 days along with her sweetheart, Chuck, Stella the dog, and her turtle). It was caliente...even more in the junkyard soup...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jennifer Faist-Gallery Odysseys

I had a pleasant and informative conversation with Jennifer at Bergamont Station on Saturday. She had been to several art openings on Saturday Sept 12 beginning at 11:00 am at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena where she saw Bruce Nauman's sky writing piece. When we spoke it was around 9:00 pm at THE Magazine's Anniversary party @ Wm. Turner Gallery-Bergamont Station. She likes to Twitter vs. Facebooking...

Eric Johnson- William Turner Gallery

Eric Johnson's images from his upcoming exhibition @ William Turner Gallery-Bergamont Station Sept 19-Oct 17, 2009

THE Magazine-Anniversary Party

Bill Bush (THE Magazine) @ William Turner Gallery on Saturday night Sept. 12 @ THE's anniversary party.

THE Magazine Anniversary Party @ William Turner Gallery

Peter Frank (editor) "dirty dancing with pug" at THE Magazine's anniversary party hosted by William Turner Gallery at Bergamont Station. Copious bottles of Grolsch beer for all.
Saturday September 12, 2009

Peter Frank (editor) "ballando locito con un perrito "chato" en el anniversaro de la revista "THE" en la galleria de William Turner- Bergamont Station. Muchas, muchas, botellas de cerveza "Grolsch". Arriba! (12 Sept. 2009)

featured artist: Eric Johnson
William Turner Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90404
opening reception: September 19, 2009 @ 6:30-8:30 pm
Sept 19-Oct 17, 2009

Cautionary Tales-Feral Structures

June Diamond, Sandra Vista, and Sabine Perlman (Arena I/Sherry Frumkin Gallery)

together at the opening of Cautionary Tales-Feral Structures
Saturday Sept 12, 2009

Cautionary Tales-Feral Structures

Arena I @ Santa Monica Art Studios

Current Exhibit curated by Berenika Boberska

Sept 12-Oct 24, 2009

3026 Airport Ave

Santa Monica 90405

"Jellyfish" image

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Marcos Polo 2009

Marcos Polo 2009 (mm, collage, sand, paper, acry) 2 panels 18"x24" ea
This collage is part of my recent and on going "Buddha Series" (originating in May 2005). This series began with an acrylic painting on unstretched canvas (5'x5') and has grown to 5 large scale paintings. The Buddha is represented in various forms. In the case of Marcos Polo, the Chinese warriors are the buddhas and guides of the Suicide King.

Palimpsests-Tarryn Teresa Gallery

Recomiendo esta obra, la galleria, y la graciosa directora, Tarryn S.
La nueva exhibicion Palimpsests, discute y examina palabras en varios formas...los veo el 26 de Septiembre (6-8 pm)

Palimpsests-Tarryn Teresa Gallery

(Piece of Cake by Cara Barer)

New ---upcoming exhibition Palimpsests...Words and their meanings in various forms...artists: Cara Barer, Annie Vought, and Christine Wong Yap...curated by Elizabeth Williams

Tarryn Teresa Gallery
1820 Industrial St #230
Los Angeles, CA 90021
September 26-October 29,2009
opening 6-8 pm

I will be there.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Guillermo Bert Barcode Series Revista

Mi revista de la obra de Guillermo Bert en el museo MoLA en Long Beach se puede leer en "THE Magazine" en septiembre. La exhibicion comenso en Mayo-Augusto 2009.

Guillermo Bert Barcode Series Review THE

My review of Guillermo Bert's Solo Exhibit @ MoLA (Long Beach) will be featured in THE magazine's September issue. The exhibit ran from May-August 2009

Mi Mural Astrologico

Mi Mural Astrologico para un salon de empleados...en progreso 21 Augusto 2009. El color del fondo va cambiar a "pervinca" en vez de terracotta...los empleados necesitan descanso en las estrellas...


Current Mural Project based on Astrology for employee lounge...approx 4'x8'

(August 21, 2009) the terracotta swatch for the background will probably become an ethereal "periwinkle"

Monday, August 10, 2009

We're Not The Jet Set


I am curating an exhibition at Arena I Gallery-Santa Monica Airport Hanger, of 7-8 collage and mixed-media artists. This work in progress is part of the materials I found at the Central Metal Scrap yard in downtown Los Angeles. I found 30 stainless steel lampshades (I guess that is what they were) that I am transforming into large scale bead forms by welding the lampshades in pairs. This tower is part of the planning process. The forms will be painted in hot pink.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Look What I Found"

"Look What I Found" Exhibition in the spring of 2010

Seven collage/mixed media artists will be exhibiting @ The Santa Monica Airport Hanger Gallery curatorial space (Curator Sandra Vista)

The artists will be journeying to various recycling and/or scrap yards to find objects to include in their artwork for the show. The photos are part of our first field trip to Central Metal on Alameda near 25th street, downtown Los Angeles.

Baby Smith and Carolyn Vosburgh are two of the artist loading up their shopping cart with "finds"...

Todd Herbert & Jennifer Nehrbass @ Mark Moore

Todd Hebert " City and Country" (Main

Jennifer Nehrbass " Weep and Wonder "
(Project Room)

Mark Moore Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave A1
Santa Monica, CA 90404

July 11-August 15, 2009

Against the backdrop of panaoramic city lights, Todd combines familiar celebratory symbols like snowmen, Christmas tree lights and fireworks...Los Angelinos' will feel a twinge of nostalgia by his "Chinatownland" drawings on paper.
Duane Slick-from the Rhode Island School of Design, was one of Todd's former instructors.
Jennifer welcomed me into her "chapel" the day of the exhibition. The project room is a custom fit for the consecration of the thematic women represented in Jennifer's eight portraits. This series is influenced by Margaret Attwood's book-"The Penelopiad" which is based on Homer's account in The Odyssey of Penelope, the wife of Odysseus, and her cousin Helen of Troy. Odysseus returns after 20 years and does not believe in his wife's fidelity. He kills her suspected suitors and as a bonus-twelve of her maids.