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Sunday, September 11, 2016

LOOK HERE "Be Here Now" at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel Gallery

Be Here Now at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel Gallery
August  28, 2016, 12:03-1:09 pm
Kim Schoenstadt , Aandrea Stang, Paul Schimmel, 
Isabel Avila, Carrie Yury, Ruben Rojas

Lilli Muller and Friend


by Sandra Vista

More often than not, when I get off the sofa and take action for a current art event , I am grateful and "feel so good".  On Sunday morning August 28 at 11:00 am, I was lounging and reading on fb  that Lilli Muller, (phenomenal conceptual, /sculpture artist dtla)was at Hauser Wirth and Schimmel.  I was reminded of the 700 women artists event and decided to take my chances and invite myself.   From finding a parking spot directly behind the gallery, to getting my "non-rsvp" number (721), the entire early afternoon was a plaza of multi-generational women artists with resonating chakras.  

As a "Baby-Boomer", I have experienced Love-Ins, Be-Ins, and NOW Conventions; "Be Here and Now", can be viewed as one of the granddaughters of these experiences.  Boomers burned their bras-the Millennials are "free the nipple".  The value of this event continues to unfurl as it is shared by over 900 (+)  women that attended.  Most of the women have advanced degrees, many are educators as well as practicing artists.  The importance of education for women can not be underestimated.  Kim Schoenstadt, the architect of the project, along with Carrie Yury (photographer), Aandrea Stang, (Hauser Wirth & Schimmel), Isabel Avila (photographer), expressed determination, diligence, tenacity, and affirmation of women who have been exposed to a variety of art historical and societal models directed to the rights of women.  

During the actual gestalt photograph, the 900 (+) women were asked to "look here" at a sign posted on the roof top where the photographers and project designers were stationed.  "Look here" played a part in directing focus for the participants during the event and for their "debriefing sessions" with art colleagues,  friends, and loved ones.  Everyone seems to have experienced a welcomed "pat on the back" and acknowledgements to continue their journeys as artists and harbingers of cooperative societies for humanity.  

My princess goldenrod phone, circa l968 , was taken away from me by my mother because I made three long distance calls to my boyfriend.  No second chance either.  21st century princess phone owners can make long distance calls all day long without worrying about having the phone yanked off the wall and they can also post information out into the world in real time-that is a hell of difference .  Joyful exuberance was felt by me and my immediate friends throughout the day of the event as the postings came through on social media.  Be Here Now, has continued to receive positive reviews by news organizations and the voices of many of the participants who continue to share "the multiple self-portrait" of cooperation.

Joan Kahn and Friend (artists/painters/educators)

Alexis Smith in foreground (mm/conceptual artist)
should read: Dame Alexis Smith

Isabel Avila, Kim Schoenstadt, Ruben Diaz (sponsor)

Kim and Carrie Yury

Claire G Holzer  (new friend)

Sandra Vista