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Saturday, January 23, 2016



December 12, 2015-January 23, 2016

Lora Schlesinger Gallery
2525 Michigan #B5b
Santa Monica, CA   (310-828-1133)

Bamboo Tall, blue sky

Floating in Desire 48"x72" acrylic on canvas

I met Tom Krumpak at Cal State Long Beach around l981/82.  I was on my way out of graduate school and he was starting.  We were introduced because our styles where similar.  It's encouraging to see a fellow Pattern and Decoration  artist still forging ahead and documenting the forms and colors he sees in his field of vision-his mouches volantes (flying flies-floaters in the eyes).  

The paintings in Krumpak's current exhibit consist of "more is more" as in  Floating in Desire 48"x72", which has intersecting lines of colored electrical currents. Krumpak amps Kandinsky jazz improvisations with Judy Rifka's  3-D installations of lines of color and organic forms. Bamboo grows so rapidly that fields create screeching sounds like orchestras of John Cage's chance music..  The bamboo metaphor in Krumpak's paintings produce visual sounds.  The degree of decibels heard depends on the individual viewer and individual painting.

Additionally, Krumpak exhibits paintings with open color fields "less is more" in which the "bambo" lines appear as a defined foreground.  There are various influences present, Matisse's simplified forms resting on red fields, the sharp edges of forms reminiscent of Stuart Davis, and evident content of Jasper Johns. 

Cavalier 48"x 72 " acrylic