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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Loren Philp

California Abstract

Mid- City Arthouse
5555 W Washington
Los Angeles, CA 90016

Feb 10- March 12, 2017
closing reception Sun. 3/12/17
12-3 pm

curated by: Kio Griffith

Loren Philip proclaims his current work as "topographical abstraction".  He physically hovers over the canvases and aggressively attacks the surfaces.  Layers of paint are deleted and re-constructed with the water pressure of a garden hose.  The unconventional tool mercilessly edits the paintings to glimpses of electrical charges.  Flooding the surfaces create "blueprints" of previous brushstrokes and the artist's sweat. Even though his technique is an "unforgiving process"  he is willing to trust the experience from beginning to end.  

"Fluid Rorschachs" emerge from the process stimulating the viewers' unconscious.  Philip's prolific painting series equals his success to embrace the unknown.   An avid surfer and sailor, this Southern California native maneuvers respectfully through waves of water in his art, avocations, and intentional physical activities.