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Friday, April 18, 2014

Spandrels and Dormers Metson's Mini-Dakota


A Better Home for a Quiet Wolf

Coagula Curatorial
974 Chung King Rd
Los Angeles, CA 90021

March 15-April 19, 2014
Wed-Sat 12-5 pm

Metson creates mixed-media /assemblage works reminiscent of architecture of the l800's like the infamous "Dakota Apartments" of New York City.   They are abstracted memories that he composes from rescued artifacts.  These portraits of sleeping souls, knick-knacks, and architectural findings are bridges to the subconscious for Metson and the participating art patrons
Metson's proflic artworks are mitzvahs to the people in the photographs.  He gives the people an eternal shelter of honor and protection.  Metson experienced Katrina in New Orleans which helps to define his process of reconstructing structures from found and discarded objects.  Each assemblage piece injects our vision and stimulates memories we had or thought we had.  There is tremendous time traveling occurring -laced with numerological predictors.  Most of Metson's works contain numbers showcased singularly or in a series.  The numbers add to the mystery of the destiny of the people in the photographs and the objects that surround them.