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Sunday, May 3, 2015


HERE NOW - Six Works by 6 LA Artists 
March 21-May 3, 2015

939 S. Santa Fe Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90021  213-453-9000

May 3, 2015
Featuring: Etienne Zack One Day, Open Studio / 12-5pm 

Fran Siegel  Continuum 6 2011-15 & Ali Smith Feverpitch 2012

The six abstract artists exhibiting at Wilding Cran during the HERE NOW exhibition created five large scale paintings and a mixed-media piece that focus on atmosphere and records of internalized visions.  These artists represent the legacies of Abstract art such as the Romanticism of Kristin Calabrese's Lights Out 2007-14 .  The silhouetted audience appearing to watch a stage performance suggests a Gericault-Goya directed set.  Even though the people are featureless their emotions permeate most of the canvas. Additionally, Ian Pines' The Midnight Strata 2013 romantic- rugged application of earthly tones are determined to express the artist's intrinsic emotions.  

Noah Davis' Untitled 2015 also embodies the seeds of abstraction with romantic gestures interwoven with Franz Kline's Abstract Expressionist painterly strokes against a stoic background. The hot air balloon images are an ambitious determination for survival.

The exhibition also surrounds itself with influences of Impressionism-Post Impressionism by Etienne Zack's Spacing Our 2015 which depicts a close-up of a library illustrated in illuminating azure and salmon tones.  Also Zack's painting includes essences of Kurt Schwitter's Merzbau installations.

Ali Smith's Feverpitch 2012 and Fran Siegel's Continuum 6 2011/15 represent the influences of the early 20th century's movements of Cubism, Futurism, and Dadaism.  Smith's Feverpitch by definitions expresses the sequential aspect of Abstract art throughout history.  Futurism is still in "good shape".  Siegel's mixed-media piece is also a geometric predecessor of the conceptual influence of Marcel Duchamp's 16 Miles of String 1942.

Noah Davis Untitled 2015 & Kristin Calabrese Lights Out 2007-14

Etienne Zack Spacing Out 2015 & Ian Pines The Midnight Strata 2013