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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Jayme Odgers---Where am I Today?

Offramp Gallery
1702 Lincoln Ave
Pasadena, CA 91103  626-298-6931

9.20.14.Tough Decisions 2014

01.17.2015 Rage 2015

View of Odgers - Where am I Today?

Jayme Odgers with his portraits 
(l)  11.26.15 Determined and Thankful 2015
(r) Make It Go Away 2015

A Happy Accident

With regards to Jayme Odgers current exhibition at Offramp Gallery in Pasadena, 
every experience I have had so far is a happy accident.  A friend and I showed up on the wrong day and were graciously given a personal walk-through by Jane Chafin the director.  Odgers' self-portraits also contain this notion because every portrait is dedicated to specific moments in his daily life that are filled with the unexpected. Hurray for the encouraging transitory nature of life that makes allowances for happy accidents.  Odgers stoically remains the sole designer of his life.   Odgers' moments veer from fear, anger, frustration and quandary, to an authentic, sublime, venerated being.  Every drawing is dated, documented, and contains the materials and paper specifics.  

Odgers' portraits are courageous, genuine, and represent a lion tamer for the element of line.  
Many of the drawings consist of simple lines of pencil or ink.  In  01.17.2015 Rage 2015, Odgers depicts the feeling of "rage", throughout the drawing, beginning with his body stripped bare and his skin tautly draped onto a subliminal skeletal frame.  The selective cobalt ink lines support Odgers feeling of an arctic chill which ironically emotes a "steamed-seething" persona. The snarling teeth are drawn with accuracy influenced by his years of drawing and illustration. 

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