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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Carlos Vargas Pigeon Series

The symbolism of pigeons is associated with the home and relationships.  Like the dove it can symbolize peace.  If a pigeons perches on your roof top, it is a sign that you will have a new relationship or that the one you have will remain stable.  If a pigeon is darting right at you in the square, you relationship needs to be looked at or re-examined.   Carlos Vargas is portraying dead pigeons to represent the grief that he is experiencing during his father's illness.  Is he the pigeon? Does he sometimes feel helpless regarding his father's condition? The artistic angst is a way of channeling the artists' feelings.  The average Joe does not have this kind of outlet.  Carlos' current work is available by appointment at his studio in Los Angeles.  

Carlos is also an art teacher at Huntington Park High School where he has a former graduate.  He uses his experience with his neighborhood to encourage young artists to pursue their artistic dreams.  

Santa Fe Art Colony
2415 S. Santa Fe Avenue, Studio #6
Los Angeles, CA 90058

Carlos is also seen on

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