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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jennifer Faist- Reflection

"Carousel" 2010 (17"x52"x1.5")
Ruth Bachofner Gallery
April 23-June 4, 2011
2525 Michigan Ave Suite G-2
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Jennifer Faist's current exhibition of minimal works, clean edges, pristine surfaces are reminiscent of various artists that have traveled and taught in southern California.  Artists like Tony DeLap, James Turrell, John McCracken and Robert Irwin work with similar content as seen in Faist's work.  The exception is that Faist is endeavoring to, " feminize" her work by including pieces of fabric in the layers of the work. The fabrics are designed to reflect Faist's feminine and nostalgic component.   

The embedded patterns in Faist's work have a regional feeling of the tropics and the pacific coast.  Her palette is also influenced by local colors of lime/chartreuse, mango, citrine, pomegranate, and cherry tomato. The style of the patterns reminded me of designs from the l960's that you would find on women's clothing and drapery.  At the same time, like organic debris found in amber, the patterns personalize and balance Faist's minimal pieces and produce a timeless quality that allows the viewers to linger in thought. 

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