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Monday, August 8, 2011

Horizontal Totem Pole-Exquisite Corpse Featherduster-Everything Has Feathers

The Thirteenth Grade, curated by Mary Anna Pomonis, at POST, July 26, 2011
POST's July Kamikaze One-Night Exhibition Series

1904 East 7th Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90021
Participating Artists: Kristin Calabrese, Christine Guyiangco, Hazel Handan, Anaeis Ohanian, Stas Orlovski, Ben Tegel, Sabina Ott, Jason Pinsker, Max Presnell, Justin Stadel, Guilia Tassius. Allison Stewart, Jessika Wood, and Eve Wood
Mary Anna Pomonis leading the band.

Anaeis Ohanian
June Diamond and Dawn Arrowsmith (taking photos)

Thirteen Grade is was a romantic, cummunal, and intentional art experience consisting of 13 artists of varied experiences.  Mary Anna Pomonis integrated young artists that are either beginning or are in the process of their college art careers, combined with experienced artists.  Pomonis has experience working with teens that are serious about their work. Supporting and engaging young art talent is part of Pomonis artists' statement.  This drawing "happening" worked in a non-linear fashion allowing for open communication by the participants.   Each artist took turns drawing on 13 pieces of paper that were taped to the walls of the gallery.  Justin Stadel, mounted 13 "flip cameras"-one for each piece of drawing paper.  As the artists rotated clockwise and counter-clockwise, they added their drawing signatures by using collage, photo transfers, stencils, e-xacto knives and various painting and drawing materials. 

As an art educator Pomonis is probably experienced in using the Equisite Corpse as a way to charge up creativity in a classroom environment.  The Thirteenth Grade was a tribute to the success of keeping this art phenonmen alive.  The artists in the show worked as a collective to complete thirteen drawings in two hours.  The fact that they could each take away a drawing at the end of the evening was not a priority to these artists.   Almost like a "childhood cake walk", the artists gracefully glided from drawing to drawing inspired by each other and the audience.  The viewers were also participating in the performance by asking the artists questions about their art techniques and styles.  Interestingly enough, the artists' credentials were never an issue.  It was a hot July evening in a downtown art gallery surged with cerebral and physical urges on the artistic side.
Habib (the director)

Sabina Ott at the wall.

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