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Friday, August 26, 2011

Linda Day-Visual Artist-Painter

A Tribute to Linda Day
Los Angeles Based Visual Artist
Watercolor MM by Linda Day
Linda Day-a true "Rough-rider"

One of the last times I saw Linda was a couple of years ago in July.  She was in my studio in the late morning and asked me for some coffee.  I remember her enjoying a couple of cups of black coffee with her signature cigarettes.  She was happy to learn that she was in a non-restrictive smoking environment. As a painter she lived in "paint soup" with a vodka martini chaser.

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  1. hello
    I found your post when I was in search of Linda Day. The news is a bit of a shock. I was a student of her's many years ago and started looking for her in order to reconnect. She was an important mentor to me and if you have time to meet up for coffee or lunch I would appreciate any time you have. I will be in L.A. this weekend and I'm seeking out her students, friends, or family. If you have any contact information on anyone who would be willing to talk to me I would be eternally grateful. Thank you
    Mary Rose