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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Yarn Bombing LA-Good Luck Gallery

Yarn Bombing Los Angeles TAKES OVER!
Good Luck Gallery
July 12-26, 2014
945 Chung King Rd 
Chinatown-Los Angeles, CA 90012

213-625-0935 (Paige Wery)

Julie Kornblum (Table and Chair)

Yarn bombing in a protective environment at Good Luck Gallery in Chinatown.  A creative way to "cuddle puddle" or what the Baby-Boomers called a "love-in".  This show is encouraging for artists that are not only working with mixed-media but that incorporate materials used in "domestic arts"-home craft works.  

Yarn bombing has been considered a form of graffiti but instead of the aggressiveness that is associated with leaving your mark on private property, it infiltrates in a soft, gentle, familial way. 
It is a "Make Love Not War" - "Non-Violent" form of protest. And still embraces the human need to be he heard.

Amy Inouye (Mushrooms)

Family unifying for project-Luv/Peace

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