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Monday, August 4, 2014


Curated by Kelly Thompson
FEATURING: Alice Bag, Diane Gamboa, Meg Madison, Shizu Saldamando, 
                         Lorraine Scognamillo, Kelly Thompson, Sashkio Yuen

August 2-12, 2014

Coagula Curatorial
974 Chung King Rd
Chinatown, Los Angeles,CA 90012

Diane Gamboa's mixed media baby entitled "Mutation" 2014, defines the show of seven woman who are supporting each other with perseverence of  their creative missions. Gamboa has been on the art scene since the seventies. As an artist/feminist/punk practitioner, she is a standing influence on young artists who emulate her work and lifestyle. Gamboa once said that Punk Rock saved her life. Her participation in this group exhibition demonstrates the nuturing  power of the punk ideal on Gamboa and the other women in the exhibition. 

Alice Bag, the lead singer of The Bags, the infamous Punk rock Los Angeles band of the late seventies, is a childhood friend and colleague of Gamboa. This is Bag's first art exhibition which exhibits her portrait paintings and showcased her musical talents as "Punk royality" on opening night.  The seeds for this exhibition are demonstrated by the work of Shizu Saladmando, a prolific painter and exemplary tattoo artist who is influenced by Bag, Gamboa, fringe and the neo-punk community. 

Meg Madison's Letters to Mother are a psychological and contemporary exploration of reaching completion with her mother. Madison also shares her experienced journey with the other women in the exhibition, Kelly Thompson (curator), Lorraine Scognamillo, and SashikoYuen.

Alice Bag Portrait & Diane Gamboa's pre-installation flowers

Kelly Thompson (curator and artist)

Alice Bag Portraits

Alice Bag, Diane Gamboa, Shizu Saldamando

Opening night of "Heads Will Roll"


Shizu Saldamando

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