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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Psychopomp Bunny

 A Fundraiser art exhibition benefiting  the Natl. Museum of Animals & Society
April 4-April 18, 2015
opening reception: 5-9 pm

Curators: Delia A. Cabral & Peter Frank

Wilding Cran Gallery
939 S. Santa Fe Ave Unit B
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Gallery Hrs: Thurs: 11-4pm, Fri: 11-4 pm, Sat: 12-7pm

Karen Florito

Sarah Stone

Last week during the first leg (rabbit's foot) of the exhibition at Chung King Studios, Chinatown, Los Angeles (March 27, 28, 29) I was speaking to Shana Nys Dambrot regarding the rabbit themed exhibition. Shana said that rabbits, as a subject for art work, are currently in the "zeitgeist"-the spirit of the time.  

"Zeitgeist"defines a universal consciousness that artists and "average Joe's/Jane's", can tap into.  The ubiquitous cell phone/texting/calling/Facebook/"selfing", is an indicator of our need to connect/reconnect with our loved-ones and to be heard and acknowledged.  Rabbits as shape-shifters match the times and make adjustments to help us through our unexplored journeys.  

Artists are obvious candidates for communicating our basic human needs.  BUNNYMANIA 
artists exhibit work that focuses on the spiritual realm of the rabbit such as works by Sarah Stone and Karen Florito's buddha-like rabbits. Additionally, are photographs of actual rabbits by artists like Lara Jo Reagan, who bring us back to reality and the need for protecting our furry friends. 

Rabbits serve as prey and prayer.  They will sacrifice themselves as food to serve others and remind us to pray when they position their paws in the prayer position.  Adonna Khare's finite pencil drawing of a rabbit appearing to be trapped, bound with rope, with an imminent boulder above its head, is a definitive example of the power of rabbit medicine.  This rabbit appears to be serene under its adversity and impending death.  Notably is the prayer asana position representing a rabbit in meditation designing a virtuous contingency plan.  

The curators Delia A Cabral and Peter Frank are both rabbit owners.  By owning rabbits as pets versus food, they are already making political statements against animal cruelty.  The current BUNNYMANIA exhibition provides animal welfare education and support via whimsical albeit politically powerful presentation of rabbit themed art work. 

                                                       Lara Jo Reagan

Adonna Khare

Dave Ghilarducci

Deba Broz

Heather Matoon

Kelly Thompson

Penny Collins

Raul Contreras

Rikki Neihaus

Peter Frank and Delia A. Cabral (curators)

Photos from Wilding Cran Gallery -opening night

Patron with her pet rabbit.

artists/patrons @ Wilding Cran opening

Delia A. Cabral & Sandra Vista @ Chung King Studios,Chinatown, LA

Participating Artists:
Addona Khare, Alexandra Lakin, Bibi Davidson, Bogdan Dumitrica, Brian Duda, Corrie Gregory, Dana Feagin, Daniela Schweitler, Dave Ghilarducci, Debra Broz, Deidre Sullivan-Beeman, Dilip Niroy, Georgie Flood, Gretchen Ryan, Heather Matton, Inge Dehenin, Jane O'Hara, Karen Florito, Karrie Ross, Kathryn Pitt, Kelly Thompson, Kim McCarty, Kim Tucker, Lara Jo Regan, Marina Hebert, Mary McGill, Mark Blatchfold, Megh Raj Thapa, Michelle Waters, Monique Rebelle, NAMAAK Collective, Nina Salerno (Perfect Reject) Osceola Refetoff, Paul Evans, Paula De La Cruz, Rafael Perea De La Cabada, Raul Contreras, Rhea Korito, Rikki Niehaus, Sally Ann Field, Salomon Huerta, Sana Haroon, Sandra Vista, Sara Hardt, Sarah Stone, Susan Coastes, Suzanne Walsh, Trine Churchill, Valerie Daval

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