Friday, April 17, 2015

Tejando Culturas/Weaving Cultures

Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia

Mis Papeles

Vincent Price Art Museum
Small Gallery
January 24- April 18, 2015

Segovia's exhibition consists of large scale paper weavings, 3-D Poles "Scepters" and childlike paintings.  His work reflects his Mexican heritage and his art education in America.  He was born in Juarez near the border of Texas and Mexico.  Being from the "frontera" Segovia innately understands the need to stand up for his creative freedom and to express Mexican people's rebellious nature. He speaks of combining "politics and graphics". The fight is in him-"El Grito"-the Cry. He also speaks of wanting his artwork to be recognized as fine art, deserving the acknowledgement of the art world as being more than a domestic effort and craft.  He is not devaluing these art forms; on the contrary, he recognizes their place in art history. 

Also important to Segovia is integrating his Christian faith with his artwork.  The titles of the pieces such in the "segundas" paintings are a metaphor for the Resurrection. The mixed-media poles are defined as "scepters" based on the sense of the divine.  Segovia stated that some audiences do not want to hear about Christianity, many are content with him speaking of the "spiritual" aspect of his art and art practice.  However, his intention is clear the way he "interweaves"  spiritual inspirations with his faith.  And also, the titles are in Spanish to express what he calls "cultural nuances".

Weaving is an art form that has been with us since the beginning of weaving branches, vines, and tree bark for territorial purposes.  The art of weaving is a male and female art form.  Segovia expressed his role in his own family as sharing the domestic role of child-rearing (he has two children) with his wife as well as working outside the home.  The kind of art that Segovia creates does have a domestic thread but also contains sculptural aspects similar to Christo's "The Gates" infiltrating a space.  Obviously on a smaller scale in the gallery but still purposely dividing space with pattern, form, and color. 

Weavings at Vincent Price Art Gallery

Segundas #4

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