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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chain Letter At Shoshana Wayne (Doug Harvey and Christian Cummings curators)

Carolyn Vosburgh and Sandy Abrams patience is a virtue
and "Baby Boomers" can roll with it!

The transformational event at Shoshana Wayne "Chain Letter" will continue to resonate for some time.  There will be stories in the future-anecdotes..."do you remember when ..." I went to the drop off day last Friday with three friends.  We decided that going as a group would be a good way to maneuver the unknown.  We had made up our minds to walk away if it was too crazy.  We waited for a couple of hours but it was painless.  The experience with friends and other artists became a scene of soliditary.  There were alot of "baby boomers" including myself.  It was great to see all the "die-hards" hanging in and making art. This was a "groovey" neo-Woodstock-love-in...

The exhibitions in the three spaces has a true sense of continuity.  They complement what occured during the drop of day.  There is plenty of art work to quench our artistic thirst visually, emotionally, and for your "bod". 

2525 Michigan Ave # B 1
Santa Monica, CA
through August 26, 2011
Doni Silver Simons " Feeding at the Trough "
This piece will also continue to be in progress during the show.

Lining up at D2 Annex-Second Venue for exhibit
My piece D2 "Pino Cono"
Performance piece of Blessed Biscuits. Liza Camba had a vision during the making of her biscuit recipe.  She shared her blessing with the art revelers.  $2 bucks a was paid with a St. Francis token. (instrument of peace)
June Diamond and "Liguid Thoughts" June melts recycled wine bottles and models them for sculptures and jewelry. (note her wine/tequila cork with melted glass necklace)

Hobby Unicorn by Keiko Tamura
Simone Gad "Pop up Belgian Surrealism TV Tray"

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