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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Feeding at the Trough -Doni Silver Simons at Chain Letter-Shoshana Wayne Gallery-Santa Monica, CA

Doni Silver Simons sent me her statement regarding her piece at the Chain Letter Exhibit at Shoshana Wayne:
"Feeding at the Trough"
" consists of 1000 postcards made to replicate the original communication that I mailed to Doug and Christian.  The cards were numbered 1-1000 (at 1000 things start to spin out of control and the event went viral), most were mailed to the gallery.  This piece addressed out reach and ingathering. It also addresses the hunger we have to show our work.  I collected the signatures of the artists standing in line with me-we were all there for the same purpose of "Feeding at the Trough".  Inside the cards were dropped into a "trough", spilling out onto the floor (symbolism apparent), and additional cards were stacked according to their trajectory (mailed to the gallery, signed by the artists, saved as back up in case the gallery disposed of the mailed cards).  The cards are now all installed and the piece is complete.  I noticed that #1000 had been taken at the opening.  ..."
 This project will continue anecdotely...thank you Doni
video of project on:
and website:

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